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Manitoba's Safe Foodhandling Training
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About Us

FoodSafe was established in 1998, in cooperation with the City of Winnipeg Environmental Health Service. Sub-sequentially, FoodSafe has presented over 400 courses and trained in excess of 20,00 students to date.

Why study FoodSafe?
In accordance with the City of Winnipeg Food Service By-law:

A) No person shall operate a food service establishment unless the person in charge has successfully completed the certified food handler training program.

B) Food service establishments with less than five (5) food handlers must have at least one person on shift who has successfully completed the certified food handler training program.

C) Foodborne disease outbreaks have identified many common errors made by food handlers as a result.

D) This FoodSafe course identifies many common illnesses caused by mis-handling and prevention.

Who should attend?

All owners, managers and supervisors of food service establishments.

All food service personnel who are responsible for the receiving, preparing and serving of food.

The 8-hour courses are taught by a Public Health Inspector. The average grades are between 87% and 95% which indicates the level of training. Failure rate is below 1%.

City of Winnipeg By-Law Link


City of Winnipeg By-Law



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Upcoming Courses
This is a list of all upcoming courses, please check here for newly added events.

Please email us if you require any information about the FoodSafe courses held in the Manitoba area.