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City By-Laws

The City of Winnipeg Licensing is now located at Rm 18 - 30 Fort Street at Assiniboine Road.
The phone number is 986-2234

Food Sciences 

Some websites that may be of interest for food safety or general information.
Please check the following web sites

City of Winnipeg Food Services By-law 5160/89 

CoW By-Laws


Anyone starting a new food business, large or small e.g. hotdog cart, small specialty restaurant or just providing or delivering food, must have a Licence from the City of Winnipeg Licensing Branch and a valid Food Handler Certificate.

See By-Law

Necessary equipment may be purchased in Winnipeg.
Check the City of Winnipeg By-Law for minimum requirements.

There are a many supply places to purchase your thermometers, test strips (for checking sanitizer levels), and cooking utensils etc. Check your yellow pages under Restaurant Equipment & Supplies.




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Upcoming Courses
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