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Manitoba's Safe Foodhandling Training
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The FoodSafe course has been designed to provide the student with a logical order of information to enhance learning with an expert instructor. You will hear of many real-life experiences through the eyes of a Public Health Inspector PHI)  during their inspections. You have access to a Certified Public Health Inspector at the course to deal with your concerns.

There are many slides, stories and videos to describe, in many ways, what you need to know to be a qualified Food Handler.

During the eight (8) hour course,

Micro-Organisms (microbes)
DANGER ZONE (this zone you will use forever in any food area)
Viruses, Fungi, Bacteria and Toxins
Sources of contamination and prevention

Preparing Food
Potentially Hazardous Foods
Less Hazardous Foods
Serving Food
Dealing with Foodborne Illness Complaints

Dishwashing and Cleaning Methods

Receiving and Storing Food


Although FoodSafe follows the B.C. Student Workbook, available for purchase ($17.00) at the course, the presentation slides has the page number of the topic discussion at the bottom left-hand side of the slides for ease of following the workbook.

FoodSafe provides 3 handouts at the beginning of each course. 2 handouts are oral tests done during the training class. One handout has a great deal of pertinent information, for the class and for reference in the workplace.


Public Health Inspectors and Qualified instructors present FoodSafe. City of Winnipeg Public Health Inspectors bring a wealth of information from personal experiences. Listen to actual case histories that demonstrate the need for practicing good food handling procedures and prevent food borne illnesses.

Course layout
Handouts, Slides and Videos
Instructors interaction with students



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