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Manitoba's Safe Foodhandling Training
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The Food Handler Certificate is issued by the Province of Manitoba.

Please fill out this form, print it and mail, drop off or email the form with payment to:

246 Winchester Street, Winnipeg, Mb, R3J 2E3

Email: foodsafe@mts.net

Website:  foodhandling.ca

Before your certificate is out of date, you may challenge (re-certify) the exam. Bring your photo I,D, with you.

FoodSafe Registration

Print your Name in BLOCK letters how you want your name to look like on your certificate. 



Course Location:__________________________________





Company you work at:______________________________


Co Tel( ___)_______________Fax: (____)______________

Register full course:_$___________    Challenge_$_______

Payment Method:  Cheque or Cash

NOTE: BRING PHOTO ID TO Course or Challenge

Email: foodsafe@mts.net 

The re-certification(challenge) process takes only less than one hour, and if passed, you will be issued a new Certificate from the Province of Manitoba.

Re-certification of the Food Handler Certificate is done at most of FoodSafe’s courses. Call FoodSafe to make an appointment.

If you fail the re-certification exam, it is recommended that you register to take the full course.

For Re-certifications, valid Food Handling Certificates are recognized from:

Manitoba Conservation
Western Provinces Food Safe



If you would like to register for a course, please click and enter all pertinent information.

Upcoming Courses
This is a list of all upcoming courses, please check here for newly added events.

Please email us if you require any information about the FoodSafe courses held in the Manitoba area.