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Manitoba's Foodsafe Handling
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Special Needs


FoodSafe is  taught in English and French, but there are  other-language Student Workbooks available for purchase or use.

FoodSafe has  exams in other languages. They are organized with each question in English question/answers first, then the other language second.
This makes it easier for the student to use their language then compare it with the English version.

If there is not an exam in your language, FoodSafe also assists by doing oral exams, You will be awarded the certificate, if you pass the exam. Passing grade is 70%. Each question(50) is worth 2 marks.

An interpreter is allowed to attend the course with you to interpret the exam, but not allowed to lead the participant to "give" the correct answer. Any breach in protocol and the interpreter will be relieved. The interpreter does not write the exam for themselves.

Signing, for the deaf: Signers are allowed to act like the interpreter and sign for the participant following the Instructors information.

Oral exams by instructor or FoodSafe Manager are offered at any time.

Visually impaired (LARGE PRINT) 

Other language exams include:


               Korean           English             French              Punjabi               



FoodSafe also needs qualified Translators for the following:

Ukrainian           Polish              Arabic           

Portuguese        Hungarian      Italian                      

Vietnamese        Japanese       Portuguese     

If you have any of the above languages, and  good knowledge of English, and, you are able to translate any language, please call FoodSafe. 

People from all around the world settling here need help to find employment in the food industry. They need your help!


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Upcoming Courses
This is a list of all upcoming courses, please check here for newly added events.

Please email us if you require any information about the FoodSafe courses held in the Manitoba area.